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In July 2021 we will close this site to new users. All training materials and forms will be located at . We suggest that employees of NH law enforcement agencies create new accounts on that site.

Access to this site is limited to employees of NH law enforcement agencies. Other use is prohibited without specific permission of NH Police Standards and Training.

For technical issues, or creating an account, or if you are not a certified NH law enforcement officer, please contact Training Coordinator Robert C. Collman by email at

  • We purge inactive accounts after 4 years.
  • Expect a one or two working day delay in receiving a confirming email for new accounts. A spam filter may prevent you from receiving an email from here. Contact us for help.
  • "Yes, help me log in" links uses your current email account. This maybe an email you no longer use.

    Here are the steps to create a new account.
    Click on the Create new account button below.

    2. Use the "create new account button". Enter all the requested information. Your name, just as you have entered it, will be used on any course certificates that you may earn. Once a certificate is issued, it can not be changed.

    3. Submit your request for the new account to be created. By submitting your request, you are stating that you are a NH Certified Police Officer.

    4. A confirmation email will be sent to the address you provided upon the account creation which must be confirmed within 7 days or your request will be deleted.

    5. The next window is the home page of our site.

    6. Most of our courses DO NOT HAVE a key in order to enter them. 3 Year Physical Fitness Resert requires a key.

    Inactive or unauthorized accounts maybe deleted without notice.

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